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AA3PX's Antenna Page —Beverage antenna Informations
Antenna Elmer — guidelines for a wide variety antenna designs
Antenna Topics — wide variety of antenna projects
ARRL Antenna Projects — variety of antenna projects from the ARRL
Antenna Magic — light weight wire beams and quad antennas
Antenna Projects — lots of projects from KB1DIG and KB1GTR
Antenna Round Up — antennas for 6, 10 & 2 meters
Antenna Theory 101 — antenna tutorial from KD4SAI
Antennas from K5DKZ
Antennex — online antenna magazine
Attic Antenna — trap dipole design for your attic





Bazooka Antenna Design — from WE6W
Beverage— a short beverage design by K3KY
Broomstick Special: — compact, easy-to-build shortwave antenna




Clemens Match
Coax Connector Installation Condo Antennas — The care and feeding of an antenna farm in a condo
Condo Communicator — newsletter directed toward helping hams get on the air from condos
CoLinear Dipole 4 - Element Antenna From KE4UYP
Common Antennas For Portable Use
Corner Reflector Antennas-- From VE3RGW
Cross Field Antennas
-- from GM3HAT & W5QJR
Cross Field Antenna ConstructionBy G3YCC
Cubical Quad Antenna Calculator
-- From KD6DKS
Cubical Quad Antenna Design
-- from N6VNG
Cubical Quadsfrom EI7BA




Delta Loops— from G3PTO
Dipoles and Inverted Vees-- from W4RLD
Dipole Dual DX Antenna - 20 and 15 meters from NB6Z
Dipoles, Rotatable -- From KQ6RH
Dipole -- Wide-Band Folded Dipole -- from W4RNL
Dipole Height -- How High??
Double Extended Zepp Dipole
Double Extended Zepp HF Antenna
Double Extended Zepp Antenna - 40 MetersDuplexer (Diplexer) -- and other projects from HB9ABX
DX Notebook Antenna Pagemany homebrew antenna projects




EggBeater Antenna - VHF/UHF From K5OE
Eme Arrays — A Collection of EME Reflector Antennas and YAGI Arrays.




Fiber Glass Rods and Tubes- From KQ6RH
Flags and Pennants
-- Receive antennas for limited space
Folded Dipoles — radiates like a dipole
Four Dollar Special — an all band wire antenna




G5RV Multi-Band Antenna from Louis Varney
Grounding is key to good reception
Grounding System For Hams- from WA6BFH
-- another approach to hidden HF antennas




Half Square Antennas — from K3KY
Half Square - Elavated— from KQ6RH
Half Wave End Fed, Useful for portable work
Half Wave End Fed, — from OE3MZC
HF All-Band, No-Tuner — from W5DXP
Helix Antenna, Axial-Mode — from D.T. Emerson
Hexagonal Beam - via EI7BA
Hidden Antennas — Hear, but no seeing
Horizontal Half-wave Dipole above a Counterpoise — by Ralph Holland
Horizontal Antennas above Real Ground
— by Ralph Holland
How High Should My Dipoles Be?— from AA3RL




Inverted L Antennas from CO2KK
Inverted Vee - from KGZP
Invisible Antennas (almost) — from WD4BIS





Copper Cactus Dual-Band Super J-Pole Antenna Project from N7QVC




Kite and Balloon Lifted Antennas from G4VGO
K6STI Receiving Loop — "the DX secret weapon"




Log Periodic Antenna CalculatorLong Wire Antenna
Long Wire Impedance matching Loop-Yagi's — from PA5RWE
Loop Antenna, Magnetic, Portable — from G4FON
Low Band Antennas -- from K3KY




Magnetic Loops -- from DJ3TZ
Magnetic Loop Antenna -- from HB9ABX
Magnetic Loop Antennas — from GM3MXN
Magnetic Loop Antenna's— from Minnesota QRP
Microwave Antenna HandBook -- from W1GHZ
Minimalist Backpack Antenna System from KQ6XA
Mobile Dual Band VHF/UHF Antenna -- from VE3RGW
Mobile Antenna Motorized, — from VE3GK
Mobile HF Antenna from HB9ABX








Optimized Wideband Antennas




Portable Antennas — Variety of antennas both homebrew and commercial




Quads— Design-A-Quad Antenna
Quads — from IZ7ATH
Quickie Vertical — KQ6RH




The Rockloop — compact antenna for 10.1, 14 & 21 Mhz bands
Roofspace Antennas — how to build them and get them to work
Rotary Dipole — for 17 and 20




Saint Louis Vertical— easy-to-build, easy-to-use antenna
Short Vertical Antennas and Ground Systems from VK1BRH
Shortened Antennas — creative antenna systems from I5TGC
Slinky Antenna




T2FD Antenna
Tape Measure Beam— optimized for RDF by WB2HOL
Transmission Line Calculator — from AA3RL
Transportable Vertical Antenna — from CT1BYR




W5QJR Antenna Revisited
Windom Antenna
Windom antenna — A six-band, HF




X-Beam from KQ6RH

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