DVP by K1EA - Digital voice processor


A-D Technologies- Inc.

Repeater Controllers, Antenna Pattern Surveys.


Advanced Battery Systems



AEA Data Product Line

AEA PK-12, PK-96 TNCs in Production at Timewave!


Alinco Electronics Inc.

Handheld Radios Mobile Radios Accessories


Almost All Digital Electronics

Hobby kits, assembled units and software for electronics hobbyists, engineers and radio amateurs.


Aluma Tower
Company - Inc.

Aluminum towers.


Ameritron Inc.

Linear RF amplifiers


Angle Linear

Preamplifiers, receiver front end filtering and receiver multi-couplers


Antenna Specialists

Land mobile antennas, cellular antennas, and accessories.



Antennas, and Solar power systems



Free e-mag


AOR Ltd. (Japan)
AOR Ltd. (UK)

Communication Receivers and Accessories.


Artsci Publishing

Books and other publications for the amateur radio and electronic market.



Clancy, MT Mobile/portable/fixed antenna.


BMG Engineering

Temple City, CA Radio direction finding equipment.


Buckmaster Publishing

Mineral, VA Callsign lookup on CD-ROM Amateur radio magazines on microfilm: QST, CQ, Ham Radio, and 73.



Portable antenna system


CAIG Laboratories- Inc.

San Diego, CA Manufacturer of specialized chemicals, applicators & soldering products.



Farwell, TX HF Propagation Prediction & System Analysis Software.



Rockanje, Holland MSCAN, multi-tasking SSTV & Fax program


Comm. Analysis Prediction Wizard

* Farwell, TX Propagation program


Computer Automation Technology- Inc.

Fort Lauderdale, FL Amateur radio repeater controller products and accessories.


CPI Eimac Division

Quality world-class manufacturer of power grid tubes


CQ Magazine

* Hicksville, NY CQ Magazine


Connect Systems

Ventura, CA Telephone Interconnects and Repeater Controllers.


Cubex Quad Antenna Co.

Brea, CA Cubical quad antennas.



Manchester, NH Antennas


Custom Circuit Boards

Prototype printed circuit boards. Don’t stress about where to get your next circuit boards; Get your next Prototype Printed Circuit Boards from the industry leader.


Davis RF Co.

Carlisle, MA Wire & Cable Supplier & Designer; Dacron Rope, DSP & Rf Noise Filters, etc.


Decade Engineering

Turner, OR Video products


Decibel Products

Dallas, TX Base station antenna systems.


Digital Communications, Inc.

White City, SK, Canada Bandpass filters.


D & L Antenna Supply Co.

* Kansas City, KS Retail store and mail order. Antennas


Down East Microwave Inc.

Frenchtown, NJ Amateur Radio Equipment for 50 MHz and Above


DXtreme Software

* Address unknown Logging software



Innovative electronic kits


Embedded Research

Rochester, NY Message Memory Keyer Kit Argosy CW Audio Filter Kit


EZ Hang

Hang your next antenna the easy way.


FF Systems

Rolla, MO Repeater controller products and accessories.



Bienne, Switzerland Frequency Control Products


Fuentez Systems Concepts- Inc.

North Charleston, SC HF Skywave Propagation Prediction Software


Gamber Johnson

Stevens Point, WI Mobile communications mounting equipment.



Location Unknown Shareware program GeoClock shows the current time (based on your computer's clock) with a high quality map of the earth.



Newport Beach, CA Software for Amateur Radio.



Urbana, IL HF radio data communications products


Ham University

* Address unknown Code learning program.



Hilton, NY VHF and UHF Kits, Repeaters, Receivers and Transmitters


High Sierra Antennas

Nevada City, CA All-band hf mobile antennas.


Hy-Gain Antennas

* Lincoln, NE Antennas



Cumming, GA Amateur Radio Logging program


ICOM America

* Bellevue, WA Amateur, avionic, land mobile and marine radio equipment.


ICOM Japan

* Osaka, Japan Amateur, avionic, land mobile and marine radio equipment.


Icom (UK) Ltd

* Herne Bay, Kent, UK Amateur, avionic, land mobile and marine radio equipment.



Hometown, IL Welded Steel Products


Inac- Electronica para radioaficionados

Zaragoza, ESPAŅA RTTY-CW Decoder, Digital frecuency counter, Antennas, Power supplies


International Radio

Supplier of custom designed, high performance filters.


Jade Products Inc.

* East Hampstead, NH Electronic kits and antennas.


JBRO Batteries

??, CO Batteries


JPS Communications, Inc.

* Raleigh, NC Amateur Radio equipment, Government/Commercial communications equipment, and Land Mobile Radio communications enhancement equipment.


Kachina Communications

Cottonwood, AZ HF/SSB radio communication products



Burbank, CA QSL Cards


Kanga Products UK

Kent, UK QRP kits


Kanga Products US

Findlay, OH QRP kits


Kantronics Co.- Inc.

Lawrence, KS Terminal Node Controllers High Speed Packet Controllers


KC4ZGL HAM Software

Marietta, GA Software for the Amateur Radio & SWL Enthusiast.


Kenwood Communications Corp.

Long Beach, CA Amateur communications equipment.


Kenwood Electronics Italia S.p.A.

Milano, Italy Amateur communications equipment.


Larsen Electronics

Vancouver, WA Antennas.


LDG Electronics

St. Leonard, MD Amateur Radio 68HC11 Based Products (Automatic antenna tuners).


Link Communications

Sidney, MT Repeater and linking control systems.



Batteries, chargers, etc....


Maxon Electronics Co., Ltd.

Seoul, Korea VHF/UHF transceivers


MFJ Enterprises- Inc.

Starkville, MS Amateur Radio products.


Mirage Communications Equipment

Starkville, MS VHF & UHF amplifiers and accessories.



Eugene, OR Transmitter FingerPrinting System Digital Telemetry Board DTMF Controller Board X-10 Decoder/Controller DTMF Decoder/Display Board Other electronic devices.



Location unknown Mail order. Amateur radio related coffee mugs.


Multiplier Industries

Mt. Kisco, NY Batteries



Long Eaton, Nottingham, U.K Transverters, Linear Power Amplifiers, Low Noise Preamplifiers, Replacement Front End Boards, Ancillary Products


NCG - Comet Antenna

Anaheim, CA Antennas



Unknown National Contest Journal magazine.


Nemal Electronics

North Miami, FL Cables & connectors.



Fort Lauderdale, FL Handheld and bench instruments that are used extensively in the areas of electronics test, two way radio, amateur radio, communications, monitoring, security, counter surveillance, and law enforcement.


Outbacker-Terlin Antennas

Willeton, Western Australia Antennas



* Tampa, FL Packet Radio Systems


Pacific-Sierra Research Corporation

Santa Monica, CA Amateur radio software.


Parabolic AB

Kungsbacka, Sweden Transverter systems.


P.C. Electronics

Arcadia CA Amateur Television Equipment



Bemus Point, NY CDROM products, specializing in FCC and FAA data.



Holbrook, MA Batteries


Personal Database Applications

* Auburn, GA Amateur Radio Software.



High Wycombe, Bucks, England Transmit and Receive Demodulators (POCSAG)


Peter W. Dahl Co.

El Paso, Tx Transformers, DC Filter Chokes, Rectifiers, Capacitors and other components.



Orange, CA Hidden Radio Transmitter Controller


PolyPhaser Corporation

Minden, NV Lightning/EMP Protection products


Positive Time Systems

Address unknown Remote Radio & Power Controller.


Premier Communications

Walnut, CA ADI Radios, Premier (Anli) antennas, Speaker/Mics., Power station.


QRO Technologies

Bryan, OH HF Amplifiers



Monetta, SC QSL cards.



Nevada City, Ca Digital Signal Processors


Quantum Instruments Inc.

Garden City, NY Batteries


R. Myers Communications

Fountain Hills, AZ Gladiator Verticals and Dealer for OSCAR Satellite Products


Radio Adventures Corp.

Franklin, PA Specialized ham radio items crafted for home builders and experimenters.


Radio Bookstore

Rindge, NH Books for Amateur Radio, SWL


Radio Control Systems Inc.

San Diego, CA Computer-scanner interfaces.



Ft. Worth, TX Transceivers Accessories Electronic parts



Portsmouth, VA Wire antennas, Current-type Baluns, Line Isolators, quality wire antenna parts and accessories.


Raibeam Antennas

Glendale, AZ High performance beam antennas for Amateur Radio.



Precision Resistors - Browse the largest assortment of quality, cost-effective precisions resistors.


RF Concepts

Lawrence, KS RF amplifiers


R.L. Drake

Miamisburg, OH Electronic communications equipment.



Address unknown Internet Phone - Repeater Link (Shareware)


RST Engineering

Grass Valley, CA Amateur radio and Avionics electronics kits.


S-COM Industries

Loveland, CO Amateur and Commercial Repeater Controllers.


Sankosha U.S.A.

Surge arrester manufacture and grounding componet manufacture


Scala Electronic Corporation

Medford, OR Antenna Systems



Portland, Dorset, UK Off-air monitoring equipment supporting the Trunked Radio and Cellular markets.


SGC Transceivers

Bellevue, WA Transceivers


Shoestring Antennas

Keyport, WA Antennas


Signal One

Scottsdale, AZ Communications equipment manufacturing company.


Sommer Antennas

Geneva, FL Antennas


Special Communications Systems

Hanau, Germany Digital communications products.



Ben Lomond, CA Handheld repeater controller.


Standard Amateur Radio Products

Niles, IL Amateur Radio Equipment.



Leander, TX World's Smallest Video Cameras, Transmitters and Recorders


Super-Duper (SD)

* Dublin, Ireland Amateur Radio Contest Logging Software.


Svetlana Products

Huntsville, AL Vacuum tubes.



Switzerland Contest logging software.


Telewave, Inc.

Mountainview, CA Receiver Multicouplers, Filters and Cavities, Test Equipment, Duplexers, and Antennas.



Sevierville, TN Amateur radio transceivers, kits, and amplifiers.


Terrestrial Power Systems

Brielle, NJ Specialized 1296 Mhz Equipment


Tiare Publications

Lake Geneva, WI Books on amateur radio (license study guides, QRP operating, CW, net directories, contesting, antennas)



Grants Pass, OR Packet modems.


Timewave Technology

St. Paul, MN Digital Signal Processing (DSP) automatic noise reduction filters for data and voice, DSP modems for radio applications.


Top Ten Devices

Address unknown Amateur radio band data decoders and antenna switching systems.


TR Contest Logging Program

Austin, TX Contest Logging Program


Tritech Technologies

* Leyland, Lancs, UK Hamcomm Decoder Interface With one of these, your PC and the relevant software you can decode POCSAG (Pager signals), RTTY, SITOR etc.



Tucson, AZ Slow Scan TV Interface


Vectronics- Inc.

Starkville, MS Antenna tuners, dummy loads, filters, keyers, wattmeters.


The Vibroplex Co.- Inc.

Mobile, AL CW Keys


W9XT Contest Card

Slinger, WI Contesting Accessories


W & W Associates

Hicksville, NY Batteries


Webkin GROL Study Guide Software

General, Advanced, and Extra question pool and General Radiotelephone Operator License.


Whiterook Products

* Ventura, CA Portable Pocket Mini-Keys, Mini-Paddles, Keyers, QRP accessories, high accuracy six digit LED clocks, illuminated callsign "on air" signs, callsign clocks, Ham Radio T-shirts, and unique electronic kits.


Wilderness Radio

Los Altos, CA QRP kits and accessories.



St. Kilda VIC 3182, Australia Radio Communications Receiver for the PC.



Valparaiso, IN QSL cards.



Columbus, OH Transmitter identification software.



Columbus, OH Freeware Amateur Radio Logbook System for Windows



Cerritos, CA Amateur radio equipment.


Yaesu Japan

Tokyo, Japan Amateur radio equipment.


ZJ Electronics

Syracuse, NY Low band antenna products.




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