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I was interested in getting a set of these wires and was doing a search
online to find prices and info, when I came upon you warning page.
After reading what happened with your set, I started doubting whether or not
to get them, but I still wanted a set. But after reading the correspondence
between you and the company I am now reconsidering getting them.
I just wanted to thank you for not folding in and taking down you page so
that I could see how this company works and there attitude toward there
Again thanks

Thayne Christiansen
March 14th, 2002


yo bro, I appreciate you bringing something like this up infront of the public, what did you decide to do? I personally think it's out of order for him to JUST offer you a freeken set of sparkplug you said..they're not Mercedes or BMW or something... And plus all the time that you've spend on this crap just on email I think is worth more then a freeken hunderd and fifty dollar wires. I was going to get plugs for my swapped out Corolla and I assure you that they're not going to be Nology. Thanks again man.

Imran Khan
March 22nd, 2002


Hi Scott'

I am Jay found your site by looking for spark plug wires for eclipse and u are number 2 on hotbot. Read all i could on your site. Man u sound pritty cool. good for u standing up aginst the big corps. and all. Well i am emailing u cuz u have the exact same year, car and color as me lol. and i tghink thats cool. I just got mine 2 months ago and now sadly it does not run but it did. i am getting most the parts off ebay that i need but wires for turbo modles are not there so any ways the Magnecor are the most highly recomended wire for dsm's and widely too. so the ? is was there a large difference in power and gas milege wen switching than the stock? i am asking cuz my car is stock but i want to upgrade if i gota replace it. i need 5K to get it to stock from th dealer. well the ECM or ECU same thing is $995 from dealer just found last nigh for $100 on ebay. well i know u don't need to know this crap but i like to talk to fellow DSM family member like i know them its a habbit. I lovem so much got 2.99" GS 10th anv. is the other. heres the link that beat u #1 but good info u might alredy red but chech it out my GSX had 104K wen i got it so it is problem that i probly have. well nice chatten.


March 27th, 2002


Hello Mr. Lundholm,

My name is Adam King. I am an 18 year old USAFA cadet. I was seriously considering purchasing the Nology Hot Wires for my car but your site has made me reconsider seriously. According to your site the last response was from Mr. Werner Funk -- in it he essentially asked you to "name your price." This response was sent February 22 of this year, am I correct? Has there been any correspondance since then? I'm very interested to see if they have solved the insulation issue or if they are still trying to buy their way out of the embarassing situation.

I can see how you would be flooded with indentical emails to this one, therefore, I do not expect a personal response. If the volume of these emails proves to be an overload, as I'm sure it must be do to your discovery of such a design flaw, a simple update on your site would be appreciated greatly.

I'm pleases me to know that there are others out there with strong integrity. It requires substantial personal courage to do what is right in this situation in the face of such a well reputed company. Don't give up the fight Mr. Lundholm, don't give up without answers and design changes.

Thank you for your devotion to the improvement of consumer goods.

Adam King
USAFA Class of 2006
June 9th, 2002


I say grab nology by the balls and make them beg, your site is costing them
thousands of dollars a day. i personally and now ordering VITEC wires upon
reading this.
Thank you for being a great consumer, and since i Work in Customer servie
40+ hours a week, they are tryign to save face, nto make your satisfied.

Ian J. Worrall
WaterWorks Racing
June 10th, 2002


I'm a webdesigner and tuner myself. Don't compromise to a new set of nology wires, that would be moronic. These people are obviously loosing alot of business as your page grows and more people post it in forums and comes up under more search engines. Nology are very expensive wires and for them to not be superior let alone inferior, cause nobody in thier right mind to by their wires.. Take $$ for your time, trouble, and expenses. I say stick it to them. The company seems like it only cares about customer satisfaction when it's bringing them bad publicity. I run Magnecore or NGK due to the good reputation and low cost.

Webdesigner / President XTC Team
June 10th, 2002


Under NO circumstances should you remove the "warning" regarding
Nology spark plug wires from your website!!!!!!

You have not slandered them in any way. You have only printed
(online) your experience with a product.

Ebay has become a world marketplace not only because you can buy
and sell anything, but also in part to its feedback about transactions.

Your information has effectively been feedback on your experiences
with Nology. If you remove it from the web, other consumers like myself
are left only with the company's word how good their product is.

I can't tell you what your "price" should be to remove this information,
but I will tell you that your information has been priceless to me.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to post your story and your
communications with Nology.

Sincerely grateful,

Brett Schwartz
July 5th, 2002


don't ever take your site down. if you decide to do so let me know as
i'd like to mirror it. your correct in your assumption that the public
needs to know. i recently stumbled upon your website from a honda forum
and im glad i did. keep up the good work. Mr. funk is afraid of you so
don't give into him.
-Adam Ulichny
September 13th, 2002


Mr. Funk,

I just read Scott Lundholm's web page ( about his experience with your company's product. I am very much involved in the import tuning scene in my area. I just wanted you to know that I plan on making mention of this site, and the potential major problems that can come from using Nology Hotwires to several of my friends that are already using them, and all my other friends that might have otherwise been customers of your company one day.

In reading the correspondence between various employees of your company (including yourself) with Scott, I am appalled at the incredulous attitude you take towards his claims, and obvious exact technical description of the breakdown in your product that he experienced. If you and your company were truly customer focused you would not have insulted his intelligence by stating disbelief of his claims, rather it would have been more appropriate for you to offer him a full refund for the price he paid originally for his set of Hotwires, as well as compensation for the diagnostic fee and other labor expenses he incurred to determine what was wrong with his car.

Bottom line, your product malfunctioned on his car, easily proved by swapping out your plug wires with his old ones. I think your offer to send him another set of hotwires is a slap in the face, and I'm not surprised he hasn't responded to you yet. Why would he want to put on another set of your plug wires and risk having them malfunction again? At this point, I for one would never do business with your company, knowing the way I will be treated if I have a problem with any one of your products.

I think it would be in your best interest to get the situation resolved with Scott ASAP, so that he can spread the word that your company was willing to go the extra mile and show some true customer service.


Trevor Cobb

  • ----- Original Message ----- From: Werner Funk To: Trevor Cobb Sent: Friday, September 13, 2002 1:07 PM Subject: Re: hotwires

  • Dear Trevor.
    I am sorry if Scott had a less than satisfying experience with our company and our products many years ago, but I don't remember ever insulting his intelligence. Obviously there are always two sides to any story and varying viewpoints are everybody prerogative. Be assured, our technology is sound and our products work. We have close to zero warranty claims and our customer list is impressive and still growing. I am surprised that you take one persons negative experience as fact and not consider the positive experiences of several thousand of our customers. Furthermore, I am questioning your motivation regarding "that I plan on making mention of this site, and the potential major problems that can come from using Nology Hotwires to several of my friends that are already using them, and all my other friends that might have otherwise been customers of your company one day." I think you should wait to say anything to anybody, including your friends who already are using Nology products, until you have first hand experience with our company and products.

    Werner Funk

Mr. Funk,

The experience he had is not unique. I have since read of many others who have shared similar experiences, and I'm sure there are many out there who haven't spoken out too. Does any product really have a 100% non-failure rate? No, and it would be stupid to think so. Maybe the ratio of fully functional vs defective hotwires is wonderful, and the percentage of failure very low. That's not my point.

The question that comes to my mind is, what if I or someone I know buys Hotwires, use them on my or their car, and they end up being the one in one thousand that are defective? What if I hadn't read Scott's story, and had to end up paying money just like he did to have the problem diagnosed? What if I tried to call the company like he did and not receive any kind of resolution? What if I take the issue up the foodchain at Nology like he did, and receive the same type of disbelieving, insulting response that he got from people along the way, including you sir?

You may not find any of your responses or your employees responses to his issues in insulting, by I know I would have been offended were I in his shoes, and I am willing to bet that he was offended and that's why he chooses not to respond to your last correspondence with him.

I would not wish what happened to him on myself or anyone I know. Maybe my friends that have Hotwires will never have a problem with them. Maybe they will, and if they have a negative experience receiving customer service from your organization, then I hope they too will start a web site, and/or speak out against your company like Scott has.

I was speaking out on the apparent lack of customer service and resolution that Scott has received. He's a fellow import enthusiast, and I was just sticking up for him. There is a growing trend in the import tuning industry to not care about customer after the sale is closed. We are a strong voice, and growing community all across the country, and I am sick of hearing about companies that just don't care, and only want to make excuses, defend their actions, and not help their customers out. That is exactly what happened with Scott, and it needs to stop.

I do not wish to take the issue further with you, there is no need to respond. It is pointless. I am voicing an opinion, and whether you choose to do something or anything about Scott's issues from what I have said, is up to you. I would hope you do take action on his behalf, and that you help your company strive towards a higher level of customer service. Please tell whoever it was from your company that I do not appreciate their unsolicited phone call and voicemail, and that they are not to call again. Had I wanted a phone call I would have included my phone number for someone to use.

Thank you for your consideration.


Trevor Cobb
September 13th, 2002


I saw your website posted online about how the hot wires suck, well on a
website they made a thread about what products work and don't work. and what
do you know, the hot wires were listed a few times. what I am asking is if
you mind if I but in and email the funk master the thread about this.

I must add, your replies were very professional, to the point, and really
gave the guy a run for his money. I think you did the right thing and maybe
this guy will up the quality on his products.

I could not stop laughing about this "The check-engine light can come on for
many reasons. There are more than 50 common error codes." I just want to
slap him and say duhh. that why you check the engine code and that is why
you spent so much money to have it diaged, no one sees a check engine light
then proceeds to tear the car apart to find out what wrong with out checking
the code.

keep up the fight!!
Corey Fournier
September 13th, 2002



I've been reading your correspondence w/ Nology after seeing it mentioned on
Honda-Tech and think your page is useful, even though it seems many already
didn't care for Nology on H-T and some dyno testing done by H-T members on
various wires (including magnecore) has indicated that stock NGK OEM Honda
wires are the best for NA applications (forced induction seems to be a
different matter) in Honda products.

While getting your money back (rather than more sucky wires, like you've
been offered thus far) is good for you, I'd say that your site provides
greater value as it stands.

Additionally, a truly transparent company would probably just replace or
refund rather than try to "buy" you out, perhaps just requesting that you
note that a settlement has been made.

I think that they have something to hide, not the least of which is poor
customer service.


Brian Shipley
September 13th, 2002


just finished reading the story about the problems you have had with Nology. I was reading through the e-mails, but you haven't updated it in a while. I was wondering if you have come to a decision yet?

From reading the responses from Nology, it seems to me that they are only trying to get you to take off your comments from your site. You put it very well when you said that they are only contacting you to get you to rid your warning, rather than to make you a satisfied customer. I also dislike the fact that they are trying to "bribe" their way to a good image. I have no personal experience with Nology but I do understand how frustrating it is when large corporate companies look at their customers as a number, rather than an individual. If all the stories and e-mails from your website are true, then I support you in keeping the warning online.

Please update me on the latest news regarding this matter.


Pak Lun
September 13th, 2002


I read your warning on the Nology wires. I would like to thank you for taking your time to devote a webpage to this. By the way the site looks sweet.

I would also have to say if for some reason you were to take the warning down for Nology, I would have to make them an offer like, they would have to buy you new wires from a manufacturer of your choice for life. I don't think they would do it, and I don't think you should take down the site because it is very helpful and informative.

Just a thought though.

Thanks Again.
September 14th, 2002


Thanks a lot for the time and effort you have put into your page warning of  the issues with nology hot wires. I was seriously considering buying a set for my 96 integra, but now i think that i will go with another brand. Thanks  for saving me and I'm sure many others the time and expense of dealing with nology's poor customer service and product.

January 3rd, 2003


Hey Scott,
You can see they aren't serious about setting things right with you. A real offer would have been at least a complete Nology kit, and 500.00 for compensation and out of pockets. We'll give you a set of wires? At this point keep the site as it keeps them from selling a product they neglected to support or ignored the customer needs. It sounds that their public rep. contacted you and although a good one, has very poor business and personal ethics. Keep the site, and hurt them where they hurt you. In the wallet. Funny how it took all that time to finally get an answer and now they just give you double talk. Later...

January 16th, 2003


Don't do it. Do not remove the site. I don't know how much you know about the navy.... But I deal with the fire control systems on an aegis destroyer. So I too deal in electronics daily and highly agree with the analysis that you have made on the breakdown. I think that Mr. Funk is just trying to get his company to look like a winner. You have a very valid point to all of this. I think if they want to try and get someone off the net, it should be , I love that site. You can say what ever about any auto product that you want. Good luck and I hope that you keep the site. It's nice to see people with a good moral standing.


FC2 (SW) Douglas Hill
FPO AE 09586
January 29th, 2003


Hey Scott,

I thank you for sharing your experience with the HotWires. Like you, I was researching those set of wires to upgrade my own. I have a '98 Dodge Ram 1500, and it's due for a new set of wires. So, I began researching over the internet. That's where I came across your page. Reading your comments and the email correspondence between you and Nology has helped me decide not to get those wires. When considering to purchase anything, I will never buy from a store or company that does not care what or how their customers are treated, no matter how low the price or how good the product. I understand your hesitation to respond to Nology's offer for a free set of wires in exchange for taking down your website. Although they claimed to be "customer focused" all along, reading their prior responses did not make me believe such. They never appeared to be customer focused until you pointed it out to them that they weren't; then all of a sudden they put on a "nicey-nicey" front. I hope you don't fall for their tricks and stick to your guns. Keep the website up and going and don't accept their free wires. I was never military, but I also pride myself in having a bit of integrity in everything I do, and I can appreciate that from another.


Dang Nguyen
February 16th, 2003


I have a 97 gst and was seriously considerimg buying the nology wires, based
on positive feed back from other users. Now i'm glad i found your warning
and ill probably buy the magnacore wires. Thanks!

Bryan Bowen
June 9th, 2003



Thanks for keeping this page up. It confirms what I had suspected on
several levels. I wish there were objective sites on more aftermarket

- Bob
September 14th, 2003


Wonderful site,

I was seriously considering buying these wires but i am very inclined NOT TO now because of your experience. I cant stand company's that dont support there product once its been sold.

Good job,

My shop will forsure not be using these wires, and we sell a lot of wires/

thank you,
Steven Eliuk
Top Technicians Inc
December 16th, 2003



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